Queensland Residents Only

Membership is free to Queensland residents. You may be a Child Care Centre Director or staff member, Early Childhood Teacher, Student, Playgroup Leader, Family Day Care Coordinator or Educator, or a parent in a remote or rural area – you are all welcome. Please complete and apply online instantly using the below form.


Application for Membership

Conditions of Membership

  1. Loan period is four weeks.
  2. Items borrowed must be returned to the Queensland Children's Services Library by the end of the loan period or renewed by contacting the library.
  3. Clients are fully responsible for items borrowed in their name until items are returned to the Queensland Children's Services Library.
  4. Clients will be invoiced for lost or damaged items.
  5. This service is funded by the Queensland State Government and is available to any individual or service within Queensland.
  6. Privacy Statement: The Queensland Children's Services Library collects the information on this form to provide a library borrowing service to registered members. Information may be made available to the Queensland Government for statistical purposes.
  7. I have read the Membership Agreement and agree to the Conditions of Membership.